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I have this on my blog already but..

imansmode: These comments are just so sad, I think you're great and look amazing!

thank you so much! i think they’re pretty sad and pathetic to be honest

Anonymous: So what you're trying to say is because you're a feminist and uploading those photos are for your own use even though everyone who has the internet has access to them it's okay to expose yourself... Should I go ahead and upload my body exposing my privates on the internet for my own use because I like the way my body looks? Oh and it's okay because I'm a feminist thus it's justified hahaha. What's that got to do with sex equality? Nothing at all. I guess you just want people to see you naked.

nudity isn’t such an evil thing and i’m honestly sorry that you were taught to find human anatomy shameful. people with your type of opinion on this topic are the same kind of people who believe girls shouldn’t talk about their periods or women shouldn’t breastfeed in public. you’ll eventually begin to realise that being naked is natural and fun, not criminal or shameful. 
I’m in love with myself and my body, whether i’m completely nude or completely covered. My body is incredible, it moves me to all the places i want to go and helps me create beautiful things and i also think it happens to be extremely visually appealing. sorry if you’re childish enough to find my physiology offensive :^)

Anonymous: So... you're a feminist and have a number of photos of yourself exposing your nipples and recently partially exposing your vagina... You, a feminist. That doesn't seem right... aren't you enforcing a stereotype? You look trashy... Plus, you're making other feminists look bad in my opinion. Indecently exposing yourself like that... it's all rather disappointing of you. You can share your progress of your weight with social media from the use of photos without exposing your privates you know...

other feminists wouldn’t poorly attempt to slut shame me based on a photo of my nipples and my upper pubic area. If you knew anything about anatomy you’d understand the difference between the labia and the vagina (although neither are included in the photos.)
Regardless, this solidifies all reasons why i’m a feminist. Those photos weren’t progress photos of my weight loss, they were uploaded for my own use just like all my other personal posts on this blog. I was celebrating finally feeling good about my body after weeks of some very awful and toxic thoughts. Am i supposed to feel bad that an individual who sends anon messages is ‘disappointed’ in me? no, sorry. You’re just another half witted opinion on the internet.
but yes, thank you for being absolutely idiotic and sending this to me. it was an insightful waste of my time. 

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I love myself

Anonymous: Yeah because you've distorted your body so much for the picture

sorry but have you seen me? i am a literal goddess.

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I look so fckn good

I look so fckn good



political correctness kills creativity' if you can't create something without furthering the oppression of minorities, you aren’t a very creative person.

Exactly.  It is funny how people say this and don’t realize the irony.  As in, if you cannot visualize people different from you without using the same old stereotypes, you can’t exactly say you were the paragon of creativity can you?  

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